Forever Amber Paperback Book - A true Story by Author K J Dixon

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When Katy’s pony, Amber, is diagnosed with a fractured splint bone and a cracked cannon bone, Katy feels as though the worst has happened. In reality the worst is yet to come. A decline in condition along with being attacked by several life threatening illnesses leads to Amber’s future hanging in the balance. Katy is faced with a decision to either let her go or fight for her.

“Why has this happened to you?” I asked her desperate for some sort of answer. Her small head was bowed low and her bottom lip trembled. This wasn’t her; it didn’t feel as though she was still alive. Her body was here but her mind and spirit were gone. How could I possibly make this decision? The facts and my head said to put her down, but right now the facts weren’t good enough and my heart felt that she deserved more.

With the help of their experienced livery owner and several passionate vets Katy has the best possible support team behind her to fight for Amber’s life.

This then begs the question can they do it?

Will Amber live?

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